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Guys, I have another obsession confession. My first post was about finding a new favorite mascara. Well logic goes that a fabulous mascara would only work with an equally fabulous eyelash curler. I’ve been using a MAC curler for years, but wanted to look for something new…so began my hunt for a new eyelash curler. Anytime I’m on a hunt for something is probably bad news because it’s all about trial and error. So this post is on my obsession to find my favorite rather than having found one because I’m still on the fence. I’ve tried Shiseido, Lancome, Japonesque, and a Sephora brand. For now, I feel the Shiseido gives the best curl for my lashes but it also pinches my skin unlike Lancome and Japonesque. I’ve since returned the Shiseido after feeling a pinch, but repurchased it to try it again after being less than satisfied with the other three. I know, I’m crazy. 

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